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ESTER generates the right beer and wine recommendations to create satisfying consumer experiences that spark flavor exploration

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Every consumer is a unique individual with preferences that change depending on their mood and context. ESTER digs deep into why individual consumers like what they like, and uses those insights to help producers and retailers put the best products in front of them.

Based on Flavor Intelligence

ESTER harnesses chemical and sensory science to deliver unique and enjoyable customer experiences with beer and wine.

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Ester increase sales and improve customer loyalty to Beer an Wine retailers


Increase sales, reduce choice anxiety and improve customer loyalty.

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Market your wines using on flavor insights and trends

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Ester gives actionable flavor insights and market data to wine and beer producers


Grow your customer base with actionable flavor insights and market data.

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The ESTER Difference:

Independent Recommendations
One-to-One Personalization
Insights That Enhance Craftsmanship
Ester independent recommendations

Independent Recommendations, Rooted in Science

ESTER's wine and beer recommendations are rooted in chemical and sensory science and never influenced by advertising. Our Flavor Intelligence guarantees that your customers can always trust the recommendations you deliver to them.

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One-to-One Personalization

ESTER uses customers' individual feedback on wine and beer they've previously tried in order to understand and keep up with their evolving tastes. As their tastes change, our algorithm finds and recommends new products to help them explore your assortment.

Ester gives insights that enhance craftsmanship (icon)

Insights That Enhance Craftsmanship

Our Flavor Intelligence platform uses the most comprehensive product analysis available to help retailers optimize their assortment and to help producers develop beers and wines that align with customer flavor preferences.

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