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You probably already have a best friend or two. Your pals may even know your taste pretty well.  But personal taste isn’t about other people’s opinions—It’s a mash up of the laws of chemistry, drinking context, your mood, and your own finicky taste buds.  Your flavor profile is 100% unique, like a snowflake, or a fingerprint.  Which is why many people find it hard to choose beers they really love.

While flavor itself is a deeply individual experience, discovering and enjoying beer doesn’t have to be.  Exploring your beer preferences with Ester is an eye-opening journey you can embark on alone or with others.  It’s entirely up to you…


How Ester Works


Your friends have nothing on Ester when it comes to helping you choose beer.

Ester uses the science of flavor and AI to get to know you and your unique flavor profile.  As we get to know each other, Ester will tailor an increasingly refined list of beer recommendations just for you.  These recommendations are not based on user reviews or expert rankings—they’re built on an evolving understanding of you and your taste buds.  So, the more you drink, the sharper Ester becomes…


Create a profile

We need to learn a bit about you to give us a head start

Share your experiences

Each time you try a new beer, log your tasting notes.  The more notes you log, the more refined your tasting profile becomes

Get beer recommendations

We regularly recalibrate your profile and your personal recommendation list

And more…

This is the start of a brewtiful friendship.  More cool stuff is on the way…


Give Ester a Try

The only source of knowledge is experience.
— Albert Einstein

Discovering the Beers You Love


From our very first bite flavor is presented to us in absolutes,
suggesting there is a right thing to like or a wrong thing to dislike.

Ester celebrates the utterly delicious subjectivity with which people experience taste. Starting today, let’s no longer say, “This beer is good.” Instead let’s say, “I love this beer,” or “I find this beer refreshing,” or, “This tastes like dirty bath water to me.” If that’s how you feel, then you are 100% right. And if your best friend thinks that same bath water tastes like sunshine in a glass, then it just so happens that they’re right, too…



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