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Use ESTER Flavor Intelligence to match customers to the right beer and wine based on their unique flavor preferences.

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Based on Flavor Intelligence

ESTER's independent recommendations are always rooted in the most comprehensive chemical and sensory analyses available.

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Chemical Analysis

Beer and wine samples are sent to the ESTER lab where over 250 flavor-linked chemical compounds are analyzed.

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Sensory Analysis

Samples are assessed by a professional tasting panel and a complete flavor profile is created for each sample.

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Packaging and Label Analysis

Label categorization, bottle weight, closure type, branding, and visual factors that influence purchasing decisions are included in each profile.

The Science Behind ESTER

Powered by the Latest Technology

ESTER Recommendation Engine

Our machine learning algorithms continuously update as we add Flavor Intelligence. Retailers can be assured their recommendations will always match the evolving preferences of their customers.

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Conversational AI

Deliver personalized recommendations via low-friction Conversational AI and enhance existing customer experiences on your website, app, or any other customer-facing channel you currently use.

ESTER Insights and Trends

Access flavor-based market insights to align marketing and production, enhance new product development, and create a product assortment that matches real customer flavor demands.

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