We live in an experience economy where customers want the best food and flavor experiences that match their unique palette. But flavor is complicated, personal and emotional - a problem for which Artificial Intelligence is built. There is so much data available about taste, flavor preferences and how consumers experience products. But the data is private and scattered making it difficult to get the best insights from that data.

Yet, forward-thinking food retailers and producers want to guide consumers to the products that are their perfect flavor match. But how?

Deliver Better Experiences with Flavor Intelligence

Consumers have more choice than ever. In a world with an abundance of food products, flavors and choices, they are overwhelmed by this choice and need guidance. Many retailers are trying to help guide their customers by: 

  • Adding filters to their assortment, or organizing: by price, style, origin, some even add basic flavor elements to their filter system. 
  • Using recommendations that are typically based on sales data (people buying this wine are also interested in this), or products that fall within the same broad category. 

This lack of personalization does not provide the guided experience customers are demanding. And, in food and beverage this is not surprising, given the lack of detailed flavor data. Having better data on products, consumers and how consumers experience these products allows retailers and producers to guide every consumer to their best product.

“Having better data on products, consumers and how consumers experience these products allows retailers and producers to guide every consumer to their best product.”

Flavor Intelligence consists of detailed, time-driven and actionable insights in why consumers connect with products the way they do. It goes beyond just an analysis of what happens in your nose - it finds patterns between everything we know about the products we consume (beer, wine, cheese, cookies, coffee, etc.) and how an individual consumer connects with these products.

Flavor Intelligence answers questions about why consumers like or dislike certain foods and beverages. With these answers, food producers and retailers can do a better analysis of the market and the consumer, develop and launch more innovative products without the fear of them not sticking to the market, and sell them to the audience that will love them.

Three retailer teams that will benefit most from Flavor Intelligence

Flavor Intelligence can drive decision making, spark innovation and growth, for 3 teams within retailers specifically: marketing, category management and e-commerce.

“Flavor Intelligence can drive decision making, spark innovation and growth for 3 teams within retailers specifically:  marketing, category management and e-commerce.” 

Flavor Intelligence for Marketing Teams

Shoppers are increasingly moving to digital channels which makes effective targeted marketing strategies across these channels even more critical. Regardless of which channel a consumer chooses to shop, retailers should turn customer choice anxiety into a loyalty-driving experience. 

The ESTER Flavor Intelligence Portal leverages flavor insights to help the marketing team confidently excite customers with personalized product recommendations and promotions. The portal provides actionable, time-driven and detailed insights in your customer base, driving decisions on what products to promote and recommend to each individual customer, driven by what will delight them. These personalized recommendations can be offered in-store, on an app or website, all through our easy-to-integrate recommender API. 

Flavor Intelligence for E-Commerce

Grocery retail is one of the fastest growing segments of e-commerce where consumers increasingly demand digital experiences to be frictionless, time-saving and personalized. 

Guiding consumers through an ever-expanding online assortment is undoubtedly even more important than offline. Personalization services are then a must-have element in order to recommend and deliver the right products, to the right customers, at the right time and maximize online effectiveness. 

There are many food products that have flavor as one of the most important drivers of decision and satisfaction. Think beer, wine, spirits, but also cheese, coffee, tea, etc. ESTER has created the best personalized, flavor-driven recommendation engine to guide customers seamlessly through online assortments and help them find the right product specifically for them. 

Flavor data empowers retailers to personalize their digital channels and strengthen connectivity with customers. Knowing your customers pays off. Retailers with advanced personalized capabilities see a 40% increase in revenue compared to retailers that are just starting the personalization journey. The main beneficiaries of personalization - and thus driving revenue growth - are 3 accelerators: basket size (+110%), average order value (+40%), customer satisfaction (+20%).

Flavor Intelligence for Category Management

In the growing shift from in-store to online and omnichannel spending, there’s a huge opportunity to make your online assortments stand out and increase sales, by aligning the product assortment to what your customers are most likely going to enjoy.

Using flavor-driven insights enables retailers to put together a differentiating and high gross margin assortment for beer, wine and other flavor-forward categories. The opportunity is to get inspiration from the Flavor Intelligence Portal to introduce new products, drive negotiations with suppliers and more. 

This is the time for retailers to get customer relationships right. Why don’t you start using flavor experience as one of the guiding data points to drive personalization? Get in touch with one of our Flavor Intelligence specialists and let us empower you to strengthen connectivity with your loyal and new customers.