Discover a scientific database that contains all the flavor information of your beer—a true deep dive into your beers, with the possibility to compare with market averages. Aside from learning about and improving your own beers, get a look at what’s happening in the craft beer industry.

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Breweries We Work With Include

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Flavor Intelligence for US Craft Brewers

We get up every morning to help craft brewers make the best beers possible. We want to get you the most detailed insights in beer flavor, ever.

ESTER analyzes more than 200 chemical and 50 sensory compounds to give you the full flavor fingerprint of your product. We’ve analyzed 250 Belgian beers (read about it in Belgian Beer: Tested and Tasted by Kevin Verstrepen and Miguel Roncoroni). Now we’re ready to create the most complete flavor database of beers in the US.

For a limited time, you can pre-order this analysis for any of your beers for $500 instead of the list price of $600, plus one year access to our interactive Flavor Intelligence platform.

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Parish Beer

"...I think it's an opportunity you don't want to miss because you get so much detail and information, analytical feedback on your beer that would otherwise require a million dollar laboratory"
Ryan Speyrer - Head Brewer, Parish Brewing Co.

Craft Beer Cellar

" kind of puts us on a pedestal that other retailers just aren't on."
Suzanne Schalow - CEO, Craft Beer Cellar

Pre-order Your Flavor Intelligence Analysis
for only $500/analysis

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Your Flavor Intelligence Analysis:

Aroma Profile
Sensory Flavor Differentiators
Comparing your beers to the market

Sensory Analysis

      An objective snapshot of your beer's sensory profile

      An overview of the sensory elements that make your beer unique

      A sensory comparison of your beer with other beers, styles and regions

Chemical Analysis

      A deep analysis of +200 chemical compounds and how they compare to the market

      A comparison of chemical compounds in your beer and with other beers in our database

      A view of how your beers compare to other styles and regions

      An overview of potential off flavors and how to get rid of them

Get the full list of chemical compounds
Chemical compounds
Nutritional facts
one-to-one flavor comparison
Flavor map

Product Comparison

      Compare similarities and differences between your beer and specific competitors.

      Get an overview of the beer market by style and region and find opportunities to grow your portfolio.

Positioning Insights

      Get insights on packaging and branding that inspire your next beer launch or brand update

      See average pricing and a comparison to products in your market or style

Label moodboard
price comparison

 Flavor Intelligence At Work

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You can leverage data from our platform to analyze your beer, the competition and the market, leading to more efficient product development, successful launches and increases in sales.


You can use the Flavor Intelligence platform to improve your assortment and offer flavor recommendations in store and online.

retailer - comparing to the market
beer profile for consumers


You can get access to the most comprehensive digital encyclopedia of beer flavor. ESTER technology helps you find new beers that you will like in a convenient and personalized way.

Pre-order Your Flavor Intelligence Analysis
for only $500/analysis

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ESTER and University of Leuven (VIB)

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Together with the best sensory and chemical scientists at the University of Leuven (VIB), we've built the Flavor Intelligence Platform to level the playing field for all craft brewers. Our mission is to give you, and all brewers in the craft industry, affordable insights and data that empower your decision making, so you can focus on what you do best - making the world's best craft beer.

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Why sign up today?

First of all, because this is your chance to be an early adopter. You get the first scoop in the power of our Flavor Intelligence platform. And you get it at a discount. We offer the analysis temporarily for $500 instead of $600 (including a download of your lab results), plus we throw in a full year of free access to the platform where you can compare to the market. Finally, every brewer on the platform drives the value of the platform for all brewers, allowing everyone to get better insights. All in all, this is your chance to push the industry forward!

Which chemical and sensory elements are analyzed?

Here you can see a full list of the +200 chemical compounds and +50 sensory compounds that we measure.

Together with our scientific partner VIB and the University of Leuven, we developed this standardized approach to measuring flavor that's supported with science and a lot of beer knowledge.

Depending on the beer style, you might get more or less compounds, as they are relevant for that style. But hands down, this is the most detailed flavor analysis you can get on the market for this price.

What's the roadmap for ESTER Flavor Intelligence?

We launched the Flavor Intelligence platform for brewers in March 2021 and are continuously adding new features as we grow our database and our business:

- Access to real consumer feedback - what they are saying about your product
- Getting your products in front of retailers that are looking for new craft beers like yours.
- Include your own tasting room feedback so you get even deeper insights
- A tool to recommend every customer (on your website or in your taproom) the beer that matches best with their flavor profile.

We constantly strive to bring you and the craft community only the best products possible. By pre-ordering now, you get an exclusive seat on our customer feedback board so you'll have priority in influencing how our platform evolves.

When will I receive my results?

Our US based lab will be set up this Fall 2021. The analysis of your beer happens on a first in, first out basis. The faster you sign up, the earlier you will have your results. If you want or need your analysis sooner, get in touch with our team to discuss possible solutions - maybe our lab in Belgium can help!

How will my data be used?

Privacy and data protection is key for ESTER and keeping your data confidential is essential for your success. As a European company, we adopt GDPR practices to protect data in the best way possible. At the same time, the value of comparing your beer analysis with the market is a big part of what we offer. This is why we leverage your data to create industry, geographical and style averages to make this possible. We make sure that the raw data about your beer is never openly shared with any third party.

Can you analyze other beverages like wine, hard seltzer, cider, spirits?

Yes, we can. We decided to focus on beer for this launch, but in Europe we are already analyzing wine. Analyzing other beverages like seltzer, cider and spirits is within our lab capabilities. If you have a specific request for this, please contact us so we can understand your question and provide the necessary information!

How will this analysis empower my brewery?

Today, technical brewing teams are the first beneficiary of our of analysis. Our customers in the US and Europe have used Flavor Intelligence to take a deep dive in the beer quality and flavor profile, look at production parameters, and get ideas for new product development.

Soon the entire company will use this data. Marketers can use it to decide how to launch and market the product, sales teams can focus on the right channels to sell it in, and the management team can make strategic decisions on what to brew next based on our insights!

What drives us?

We are passionate about craft. Craft beer drives innovation and creativity, so making better data accessible and affordable is the best way for us to support this goal.

We support the Brewers Association and Craft Brewers Community as it is, but are looking to become a trusted, independent partner for the entire craft beer industry in the US and worldwide.

Limited time pre-order offer:
$500 per Flavor Intelligence Analysis

(normal list price of $600)