Increase Customer Loyalty Online and In-Store

Use ESTER's personalized flavor recommendations to reduce choice anxiety and create engaging, personalized shopping experiences

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Deliver Flavor Based Recommendations

Offer a trusted, sommelier-level experience that always matches customers to the right beers and wines based on their personal taste, not advertising.

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Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Tailor promotions and marketing campaigns to match your customers' individual tastes, turning their errands into delightful shopping experiences.

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Optimize Your Beer and Wine Assortments

Use ESTER Flavor Intelligence to optimize your product assortment, adjust pricing, and improve product placement both online and in-store.

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Getting Started with ESTER

Upload your inventory to the ESTER database and install the Digital Sommelier on your website

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Customers interact with the Digital Sommelier and ESTER creates and continually updates their unique customer flavor profiles

Your customers purchase and enjoy wines and beers based on flavor-driven, personalized recommendations

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Flavor intelligence to optimize product assortment ans promotions

Use Flavor Intelligence to optimize your product assortment and promotions

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